Cultivating mindfulness

Mindfulness is a mental skill of awareness and attention with acceptance. Like any skill, it helps to build mindfulness over time through a systematic process, learning the foundational aspects and practicing them before moving on (like learning to play a musical instrument, starting with learning and practicing scales, then learning & practicing arpeggios, etc).

It also is best to work with a highly trained teacher (like you would with any skill) who can help each participant with their unique problems and perspectives.

We teach mindfulness in a 5-week workshop where you systematically learn and practice mindfulness. Over time, in a supportive environment and with the help of the teacher, you cultivate your skills.

We also teach the essentials of self-compassion in a similar format.

If you are wondering if this approach works and is beneficial to you, check out what people say.

Because we all live in the real world with all it’s complexities and demands, we teach mindfulness with a real world perspective.

When you complete the foundation workshop you are ready and prepared for more advanced classes, practice groups (drop-in, shorter sessions – like jam sessions in music) and applications to mindfulness in all aspects of your life (parenting, writing, etc.).