We work with you to choose the best day and time.  In our experience, noon and […]
Some companies try to use a meditation mobile app to solve the problems of stress.  While […]
Cancellation & Refunds We reserve the right to cancel a workshop or retreat due to low […]
A Word Cloud of comments from prior workshop participants
We are mindfulness teachers who were trained by some of the most respected mindfulness teachers in […]
Our pricing works out to about $62.50/employee (if 80 employees participate), or $130/employee (if 40 participate) […]
Mindfulness is a mental skill of awareness and attention with acceptance. Like any skill, it helps […]
Examples of the backgrounds of our teachers.   Beth teaches at insightLA. She received teacher training […]
Mindfulness fosters self and emotional awareness and insights into how negative feelings adversely affect one’s mind, […]
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