Insight4Peace is a group of highly trained and dedicated mindfulness practitioners who have a unique approach to teaching.

We have taught mindfulness to people in companies of all sizes and in every industry.

What Our Participants Say

The presentation was excellent. Your responses to questions were great and the material was presented at a comfortable pace. The graphics added a great deal to the overall effect.

It’s very well presented and taught. There’s plenty of practice, opportunities to ask questions, and a weekly follow-up email which summarizes the main points covered for the week’s lesson.

Before this course I was using the Headspace app to try and develop a meditation practice. It’s been a great resource to get started but I love the depth that you provide in your class. Also, I feel that you’ve really helped me better manage my expectations regarding a meditation practice.

Loved every session – I’ve been meditating for years, but you broke everything down so simply and made it a pleasure to walk the path with you.

I liked the openness, lack of BS, the relaxed attitude and generosity of the teacher.

A rare combination of course materials, guided meditation, and genuine authenticity of the instructor made this a perfect course! I learned, I deepened my practice, and I received a lot from being part of a community in this space (which has been difficult to find.)

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